The Explorer Series Courses are an informal way to participate in online theological education while deepening one’s faith understanding. These 4-week courses have readings but no written homework beyond the online discussion. To obtain 1.5 CEUs for an Explorer course, a final written assignment needs to be successfully completed.

ESC5 – Singing the Bible (July 11-August 7, 2018) and (Sept 12-Oct 9, 2018)

Most of us probably know at least a few Bible stories and memory verses because of children’s songs learned from teachers, parents, and grandparents. Our hymnody and contemporary music teach Biblical stories and themes, as well. In this course, we will look at favorite hymns and other worship songs, Biblical stories, and Biblical themes for deepening our understanding of our faith. For those charged with planning worship, this exploratory course offers tips and tools for choosing music for congregational singing and ensemble presentations that enhance the themes and stories of Biblical passages chosen for proclamation.

Facilitator: The Rev. Dr Ruth Shaver


Other 4-week Explorer Courses in 2018 include:

ESC7 – Howard Thurman’s Writing and the New Civil Rights Movement (Sept 5 – Oct 2, 2018)

ESC9 – Liturgy that Listens to the Present Moment (Oct 12 – Nov 9, 2018)


Tuition: The fee is $99 for general enrollment and $129 for 1. 5 CEU’s. No Affiliate discount available for these courses.