Certificate in Foundational Theology  ~  an essential study in Progressive Christian Theology

The certificate program consists of eight six-week courses available online in an asynchronous format.  That means that you can sign into the course room and participate in discussions and studies with others on your own schedule.

Required for the certificate are three courses:

  • Making Sense of Theology
  • Understanding the Bible as a Progressive Christian
  • Capstone

Participants elect to take five other courses which may include:

  • The Variety of Beliefs within Christianity Today
  • Spiritual Care of Self and Others
  • The Art of Worship
  • Pluralism and Religion in North America
  • Ethics and the Life of Meaning
  • Faith Practices for Children, Youth, and Adults
  • The Stories of Christian Saints and Sinners

Courses are facilitated by qualified and experienced university and seminary professors, pastors, and church leaders.  Tuition is $295 per course.  Individuals may register for just one course or for the certificate program.

Courses in this program begin in late August 2018.  Enrollment for courses will be open August 1, 2018.

There is no application fee associated with this certificate for applications received before December 31, 2018.

Please email the PATHWAYS Administrator, Rev. Valerie Coe Lowder, for an Application to the Certificate Program in Foundational Theology: pathways@secucc.org